Renfrow’s List

Renfrow’s takes more to operate than just the folks you see when you walk in the door. The hardware store and farm could not be what they are without the help and support of so many other small businesses on whom we rely for a huge array of services: from plumbers and electricians to photographers and website developers and everything in-between.


· This list comprises many of our most valuable human resources ·

*None of these people asked us or paid us to be put on this list – they are simply our friends, colleagues, and fellow businessfolk. These are the names and numbers we give people whenever they call us looking for someone in these particular industries.

Aaron McPherson General Contractor

(704) 533-0026

Carolina Appliance Parts

(704) 847-0004

Matthews Power Equipment

Small Engine Repair

(704) 845-0444

Air Central of the Carolinas

(704) 882-4371

Grattan Pest Solutions

Obando Fencing

(704) 472-7186

EA Decker Photography

Parker Web Services

Website Maintenance

Knowmad Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing / Web Design Agency

Aaron’s Signs

Sid Winecoff’s Heavy Duty Fire Kettles


Foreman’s Painting Co & Home Improvements

(704) 844-0717

Keith Norton Treeman

(704) 301-8400

Robert’s Small Engine Repair

(704) 845-0801

Peterson’s Auto Trim Shop

(704) 821-6135



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