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We have a lot of requests around the hardware store and farm for basic information about some of our areas of expertise, so we have put together several “tip sheets” for you about chickens and backyard fruits and veggies. We will add to this collection periodically, so check back with us. If you have an idea for a “tip sheet” that would be especially valuable to you, please let us know!

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The folks at Renfrow’s will gladly help you get started off right with your new chicks. We have all the supplies and advice that you will need. Explore our Chicken Resources.

Explore Chicken Resources


One of our biggest passions at Renfrow’s is gardening and home grown goods. We’ve put together a list of our vegetable resources for your convenience! Start Exploring!

Explore Veggie Resources


We’ve put together a list of our sweetest fruit resources for your convenience! Explore resources on Blueberries, Brambles: Blackberries & Raspberries, Grapes & Strawberries, Tomatoes! Start Exploring!

Explore Fruit Resources

· Our Miscellaneous Resources ·

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