Hello! Our Renfrow crew is implementing reinvented business model with appropriate social distancing and will be open from 9am-2pm, Tuesdays-Fridays, for curbside ordering and pickup. We will not be open on Saturdays. Please read further down this homepage for how this new system will work and to download our “wish list” order forms to help you prepare for your shopping trip! Please also sign up for our newsletter (bottom of page) for the most timely updates & information & tips in this season where you can’t physically come into the store. Thank you for understanding and for being such a supportive community in this difficult COVID-19 season.

How do I shop at Renfrow’s in this COVID-19 season?

Linked below are the “wish list” order forms for easy order prep. The plants one will be updated weekly as we get in new orders, but we anticipate the Seeds and Other Essentials ones will remain the same unless we decide to make some minor tweaks.

  1. Our line will start at the front door, go down the sidewalk towards the Matthews Farmers Market, and turn into that property and down to Cotton Gin Alley as needed, with everyone standing 6′ apart.
  2. PLEASE help us to better serve you by having your list of goods organized on these forms when your turn comes to place your order with Mark and Dennis at our front door.
  3. We will not be touching your order form in order to practice maximum social distancing and sanitation safety, and instead will ask for you to dictate your order to us and we will transcribe on an identical form.
  4. Seeds and Other Essentials lists will be shared with Mark and Dennis, as well as the total # of plants ordered from the greenhouse, if applicable.
  5. Payment will be collected via CC or cash (we will be wearing gloves)
  6. If applicable, then move over to dictate the details of any greenhouse order to Ruth at the red gate.
  7. Step back and wait for plant orders to be filled while you are also waiting for the seeds and/or other items being picked out inside the store. Plants will be put on a table at the front greenhouse gate with your name on them. Indoor items will be bagged and handed out the front door.
  8. Lastly, if you order anything large (potting soil, chicken feed, tomato cages, etc) those items will be deposited at our back gate on Cotton Gin Alley with a tag with your name on your pile and you can drive around and pick those up on your way out.

There will be little to no other traffic in downtown now that the “shelter in place” mandate has been set, so feel free to park wherever is most convenient for your order’s needs, be it front, side, or on Cotton Gin Alley behind the store.

We will not be loading cars in order to minimize contact and maximize social distancing.  Thank you for your cooperation at this time.

We are considered an “essential business” so will be able to remain open regardless of if/when any “shelter in place” directives come from the county or state.

Info on how things will happen going forward is emailed out on a frequent basis to our newsletter list, sign up here. The website is more time-consuming to update so the newsletter gets top priority in this busy time.


Download your product wish lists HERE:

Renfrow OTHER ESSENTIALS Wish List (pdf / March 30, 2020)
Renfrow OTHER ESSENTIALS Wish List (xlsx / March 30, 2020)
Renfrow PLANTS Wish List - April 3rd Inventory (pdf / April 2, 2020)
Renfrow PLANTS Wish List - April 3rd Inventory-2 (xlsx / April 2, 2020)
Renfrow SEEDS Wish List - March 31st (pdf / March 30, 2020)
Renfrow SEEDS Wish List - Updated March 31st (xlsx / March 30, 2020)

These will be updated as needed but items may sell out. Other items will be available that are not listed. This is just a detailed overview that should help jog your memory as you create your shopping lists.  We will ask for dictation of your order to prevent touching papers, but fill out the order on these forms, which will also serve as our “picking sheets” for speediest service. Check out our recent Facebook Album of shots from around the store of products on shelves and in racks.


Welcome to Renfrow’s, we’re glad you’re here!

We are 120-year-old piece of downtown Matthews history. We specialize in edible gardening products & classes, baby chicks & poultry supplies, keys, American-made products like Lodge Cast Iron, local honey & seasonal produce from Renfrow Farms, & the source for solutions to unusual hardware product searches and home repair needs.  

If you embrace the Mom & Pop mentality in our Big Box world, we are your people.

Chick Report

Check out our Chick Report page for a schedule of their anticipated arrival dates and the breeds. As of right now, COVID-19 should not affect this schedule. *updated March 23rd
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Our greenhouse plants turn over quickly, and we receive new shipments several times per week.
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Classes & Events

All upcoming classes and events have been canceled. When we are able to resume them, we will let you know.