Chick Report 2019

Delivery & Availability Calendar

Our baby chick calendar for 2019 is here!

We will be getting chicks every Friday in April. We will potentially add a week or two in May if the demand is still high, but additions will likely not be decided until mid-April at the earliest.  

Pullets = all female chicks;  Straight Runs = unsexed chicks

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Friday, April 5th

  • Ameraucana Pullets
  • Barred Rock Pullets
  • Black Australorp Pullets
  • Black Sex Link Pullets
  • Buff Orpington Pullets
  • Rhode Island Red Pullets
  • Silver Wyandotte Pullets
  • Assorted Dark Brown Egg Layer Pullets


Friday, April 12th

  • Assorted Cochin Pullets
  • Barred Rock Pullets
  • Delaware Pullets
  • Dominique Pullets
  • New Hampshire Red Pullets
  • Light Brahma Pullets
  • Red Sex Link Pullets


Friday, April 19th

  • Ameraucana Pullets
  • Black Australorp Pullets
  • Buff Orpington Pullets
  • Gold Wyandotte Pullets
  • Red Sex Link Pullets


Friday, April 26th

  • Ameraucana Pullets
  • Assorted Brahma Pullets
  • Delaware Pullets
  • Red Sex Link Pullets
  • Welsummer Pullets
  • Crested Special Straight Runs
  • Assorted Silkie Bantam Straight Runs

Chicken notes:

chickWe order all pullets when available, which grow into hens. If you would like a particular breed of rooster chick, it can be added most any week. Call the store for information. “Straight Run” orders mean the chicks were not sexed and they will grow up to be hens and roosters, but we have no way of telling them apart at that young age. If the hatcheries (who are the experts) could sex these breeds accurately, they would do so!

All chicks are available on a first come, first served basis, unless you want special-ordered roosters or meat chickens. Don’t worry if you miss a week, there will be more chicks.

Chickens are social creatures. We recommend purchasing no fewer than three chicks to create a family unit. This makes for happy and healthy chicks.

If you’re new to backyard chicks, review our Advice for Raising Chickens and Other Poultry guide for answers to frequently asked questions.

Chickens are farm animals and some will die. Children should be prepared for that possibility. A word to the wise: hold off on naming the chicks right away.

We receive all chicks certified disease-free. Chicks must be treated gently for several weeks. They are all vaccinated for Marek’s Disease.

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