We have a lot of requests for basic information about gardening and raising chicks.  Here’s where you’ll find our expanding collection of tip sheets.

Check out our Wyatt-Quarles Seed Company’s Vegetable Planting Guide!

Don’t let your garden sit empty all winter –  let it work for you even if you don’t want to work with it! Consider Cover Crops – they prevent soil erosion, suppress weeds, and improve your soil with minimal effort on your part. The following season you will see amazing results in your soil health and produce quality.

The Renfrow month-by-month lawn care instructions will help you have the most highly admired grass in your neighborhood!

Read David’s ramblings and learn a lot about planning and growing.

David’s Poor Renfrow’s Almanac for your Garden of Eatin’.

Poor Renfrow’s Almanac – Schoolteacher’s Edition

Our advice for raising chickens and other poultry to help you start and grow your chicken family. Check out our Chick Report for breeds and available dates.


Our strawberry sheet makes it easy for you to plant and harvest the popular fruit.

Blueberries are very well suited to growing in the Charlotte area.  Check out our blueberry sheet for tips!

If you love rambling brambles, check out our brambles sheet.

The best grapes suited for backyard gardeners in the NC Piedmont are the sweet  slipskin grapes known as Muscadines.

We at Renfrow’s believe that every backyard should have one or two fig bushes. Print our figs sheet to help you get started.


Check out our method of foolproof tomato planting with our tomato sheet.

Renfrow’s carries  several kinds of alliums that you can  easily grow in your backyard for fresh eating.   Read our onions sheet for some helpful tips.

Before you plant asparagus, read our asparagus sheet.  It requires true commitment, so don’t get started if you can’t see it through.

Nothing better than the  flavor of homegrown potatoes!