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Irish Seed Potato Availability – UPDATED 2-17

We have large amounts of our three standard varieties: Yukon Gold, Red Pontiac and Kennebec White. Also in Stock: Adirondack Red (pinkish-red flesh) Adirondack Blue (deep purple flesh) French Fingerling (red skin, slightly pink-hued flesh) Russian Banana Fingerling (yellow skin and white/yellow flesh) Magic Molly Fingerling (deep purple flesh) Plant now through April and harvest in June and July. […]

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Onions, Garlic, And Shallots, Oh My!

It’s September and most of the alliums are here! Leeks and Elephant Garlic have arrived! Onion sets – “Spring” onions also known as “green” or “scallion” onions are planted now. They come as little bulbs known as “sets”. They are planted and harvested all winter long. We have red, white, and yellow sets. We have super sweet […]

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Asparagus Crowns

Jersey Knight asparagus crowns arrived March 2, 2016. There are 20-25 crowns in a bundle. One bundle is typically enough for a backyard bed. Give them a permanent, very sunny home in your yard because these can last about fifty years. Now and early spring are the perfect times to build your bed and plant […]

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Seed Irish potatoes are in!

Seed Irish Potatoes in stock! We have large amounts of our three standard varieties: Yukon Gold, Red Pontiac and Kennebec White. We have a smaller quantity of Adirondack Red NEW (red/pink-fleshed large potato) and Adirondack Blue (deep purple-fleshed large potato) varieties. A select amount of four unique “Fingerling” potatoes (small, stubby, finger-shaped heirloom varieties) are also available […]

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Strawberry Plants!

Raise your own chemical-free berries! Strawberries are one of the most heavily sprayed crops, always listed near the top of the ‘Dirty Dozen’ foods lists. The best way to know what you’re eating is to grow your own! If you like strawberries, plan ahead. Plant them this winter and spring for harvesting next spring and […]

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Candy Onion Plants

Candy onion plants have arrived. We have yellow and red, but are still waiting on white to get here. These are sweet onions that will bulb out if you plant them early enough in the spring. Plant now for harvest in May and June

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We are out of Tanglefoot!

We are out of Tanglefoot (the company went out of business) but have the other supplies. Click for additional information and to watch our how-to video on banding here.

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