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In The Greenhouse Updated 7/20/2017

Late-Season Tomatoes: Celebrity, Goliath, Peppers: mixed hot and sweet varieties in 4″ cups Fall Crops:  Broccoli Brussels Sprouts Cauliflower Collards, Georgia Herbs: various

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Chick Report 2017

The chickens are coming! The chickens are coming! Check out our Chick Report page for a schedule of their anticipated arrival dates and the breeds. Wednesdays are hatch days and usually the chicks arrive on Fridays. Since hatching is not an exact science and the schedule could change, please call the store before coming in.

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Fruit Plant Availability

The best time of year to plant fruit trees is in the fall and winter when the plants are dormant and have less transplant shock. We get our shipment of fruit plants once per year, in the autumn. When we sell out, we’re out until the fall!  Ask us for advice on how to plant your fruit […]

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In the Greenhouse Updated 3/30/2017

Warm-Season Veggies Cucumbers Burpless, Pickling, Bush Pickle, Tasty Green, Long Green, Slicing, Bush Crop, White Wonder Eggplant Black Beauty, Ichiban Japanese Peppers (HOT) Habanero, Thai Hot, Cayenne, Hot Banana, Jalapeno, Gong Bao, Poblano/Ancho, Anaheim, Garden Salsa, Green Chili, Pepperoncini, Serrano, Sriracha, Rooster Spur, Peppers (SWEET) Bells: California Wonder, Aristotle, Keystone, Karma, Red Beauty, Mandarin, Golden […]

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Irish Seed Potato Availability – UPDATED 2-17

We have large amounts of our three standard varieties: Yukon Gold, Red Pontiac and Kennebec White. Also in Stock: Adirondack Red (pinkish-red flesh) Adirondack Blue (deep purple flesh) French Fingerling (red skin, slightly pink-hued flesh) Russian Banana Fingerling (yellow skin and white/yellow flesh) Magic Molly Fingerling (deep purple flesh) Plant now through April and harvest in June and July. […]

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Renfrow Greenhouse Update January 25th

Arugula Broccoli – Green Magic, Premium Crop, Packman Brussels Sprouts Cabbage – Stonehead, All Seasons, Red, Late Flat Dutch, Early Jersey Wakefield, Stonehead Cauliflower – Snow Crown Collards – Georgia Kale – Red Russian, Green Curly, Dinosaur Leeks Lettuce – leaf lettuce mix Candy Onion Plants – yellow Spinach Swiss Chard Herbs – rosemary, thyme, sage Onion sets – white, red, yellow […]

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In the Greenhouse Updated 10/31/2016

Our greenhouse is now empty for the wintertime. We will get our earliest spring plants around the beginning of February. Things to plant at this time of year: fruit trees, fruit bushes, garlic, onions, and seeds. Check out our fruit plant availability!

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