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In the Greenhouse Updated 3/23/2017

March 23, 2017

Warm-Season Veggies


Black Beauty, Ichiban Japanese

Peppers (HOT)

Habanero, Thai Hot, Cayenne, Hot Banana, Jalapeno, Gong Bao, Poblano/Ancho, Anaheim, Garden Salsa, Green Chili

Peppers (SWEET)

Bells: California Wonder, Aristotle, Keystone, Karma, Red Beauty, Mandarin, Golden Summer, Golden, Purple Beauty, Chocolate Beauty; Big Bertha, Giant Marconi

Miniature Bells: Yummy Red, Orange & Yellow

Non-Bells: Sweet Banana, Pimento, Sweet Cherry, Cubanelle


Regular Red round slicing: Better Boy, Celebrity, Mountain Pride, Mountain Merit, Early Girl, Terrific, Marion, Fantastic, Marglobe, Homestead

Beefsteak (large, red): Big Beef, Supersonic, Beefsteak, Parks Whopper, Goliath, Supersteak

Heirloom: Cherokee Purple, Brandywine, Golden Girl, Pink Girl, Mr. Stripey, German Johnson, Black Krim, & others

Roma and Canning types: Roma, San Marzano, Oxheart

Cherry: Sweet 100 Cherry, Sungold, Dwarf Cherry, Yellow Pear

Grape: Juliette, Grape

Best for Containers: Better Bush, Bush Early Girl, Dwarf Cherry 



Basil: sweet, spicy globe, Italian leaf, columnar, pesto



Chives: garlic, regular



Lavender: English, French, Otto Quast, Anouk, Grotto

Lemon Balm


Mint: spearmint, peppermint, KY Colonel, Mojito, Chocolate

Oregano: Greek, Cuban, Golden

Parsley: Italian flat-leaf, curly

Rosemary: trailing, Tuscan Blue, Barbeque, Salem

Sage: Berggarten, tricolor, purple, pineapple


Tarragon: French, Mexican

Thyme: English, Creeping Lemon, Golden Lemon, Pink Chintz, Red

& more!


Perennials & Flowers

ferns, coral bells, phlox, dianthus, columbine, yarrow, ice plant, spurge euphorbia, St John’s Wort, coreopsis, lantana (multiple colors), stonecrop, mosquito plant (citronella), eucalyptus, scabiosa, feverfew, German chamomile, hollyhock, speedwell,

& more!


Cool-Season Veggies

Bok Choy


Brussels Sprouts

Cabbage: Stonehead, All Seasons, Red, Late Flat Dutch, Early Jersey Wakefield, Megaton, OS-Cross

Cauliflower: Snow Crown, Purple

Collards: Georgia, Vates, Morris Heading, Flash

Celery: green, peppermint stripe

Kale: Red Russian, Green Curly, Dinosaur


Lettuce: romaine, iceberg, head lettuce, red sails & various mixtures

Onion plants: yellow


Swiss Chard: Rainbow


Other Food Crops

Meyer Lemon trees

Asparagus crowns



Onion sets: yellow, white, red


Irish Seed Potatoes: Kennebec White, Pontiac Red, Yukon Gold, Adirondack Red-flesh, Adirondack Blue-flesh

Fingerling Seed Potatoes: Russian Banana, French

Strawberries: one plant per pot; bare-root bundles of Sweet Charlie (10 & 25 plants/bundle)

**And more coming soon!

Asparagus Crowns are here!

March 8, 2017

asparagusJersey Knight asparagus crowns arrived March 8, 2017. There are 20-25 crowns in a bundle. One bundle is typically enough for a backyard bed. Give them a permanent, very sunny home in your yard because these can last about fifty years.

Now and early spring are the perfect times to build your bed and plant them.

Print out our asparagus sheet for instructions, and stop by and see us soon!


Irish Seed Potato Availability – UPDATED 2-17

February 17, 2017

We have large amounts of our three standard varieties: Yukon Gold, Red Pontiac and Kennebec White.
Also in Stock:
Adirondack Red (pinkish-red flesh)
Adirondack Blue (deep purple flesh)
French Fingerling (red skin, slightly pink-hued flesh)
Russian Banana Fingerling (yellow skin and white/yellow flesh)
Magic Molly Fingerling (deep purple flesh)
Plant now through April and harvest in June and July.
(Sweet potato slips are planted in May and June. We will get those in at that time.)

Strawberries are here!

February 17, 2017

Strawberries are one of the most heavily sprayed crops, always listed near the top of the ‘Dirty Dozen’ foods lists. The best way to know what you’re eating is to grow your own!
If you like strawberries, plan ahead. Plant them this winter and spring for harvesting next spring and during the several springs thereafter.
Sweet Charlie (a june-bearer) is the only variety we were able to source for 2017. Available in bundles of 10 bare-root plants for $4.99/bundle.
New to growing strawberries? Read our tip sheet here.