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Fruit Plant Availability

The best time of year to plant fruit trees is in the fall and winter when the plants are dormant and have less transplant shock. Ask us for advice on how to plant your fruit plants today! Check out our resource page for some tip sheets we have written up about how to grow some of these plants […]

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Asparagus Crowns are here!

Jersey Knight asparagus crowns arrived March 8, 2017. There are 20-25 crowns in a bundle. One bundle is typically enough for a backyard bed. Give them a permanent, very sunny home in your yard because these can last about fifty years. Now and early spring are the perfect times to build your bed and plant […]

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Irish Seed Potato Availability – UPDATED 2-17

We have large amounts of our three standard varieties: Yukon Gold, Red Pontiac and Kennebec White. Also in Stock: Adirondack Red (pinkish-red flesh) Adirondack Blue (deep purple flesh) French Fingerling (red skin, slightly pink-hued flesh) Russian Banana Fingerling (yellow skin and white/yellow flesh) Magic Molly Fingerling (deep purple flesh) Plant now through April and harvest in June and July. […]

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Strawberries are here!

Strawberries are one of the most heavily sprayed crops, always listed near the top of the ‘Dirty Dozen’ foods lists. The best way to know what you’re eating is to grow your own! If you like strawberries, plan ahead. Plant them this winter and spring for harvesting next spring and during the several springs thereafter. […]

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Chick Report 2017

The chickens are coming! The chickens are coming! Check out our Chick Report page for a schedule of their anticipated arrival dates and the breeds. Wednesdays are hatch days and usually the chicks arrive on Fridays. Since hatching is not an exact science and the schedule could change, please call the store before coming in.

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Renfrow Farms Honey: Pure, Raw, & Local

Renfrow Farms has pure, raw honey for sale in multiple sizes. We have several dozen hives located two blocks from Renfrow’s at our “in-town” farm. Our millions of bees are the hardest workers on our farm, pollinating so many of our crops and making thousands of pounds of honey each year. Do you have seasonal allergies? […]

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We carry all Lodge American-made cast iron products.

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