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Renfrow’s keeps garden seed year-round because we have the privilege of being able to plant, harvest, and enjoy something from the garden every month of the year in this climate! We keep over 300 varieties of vegetable, herb, flower, cover crop, and lawn seed in stock at all times.

Approximately 95% of the varieties we sell are open-pollinated and heirloom varieties that have been around for generations. We grow many of these varieties up at our farm for produce sales on-farm, at the hardware store, and to several restaurants in downtown Matthews. We do not and will not ever sell Genetically Modified (GMO) seed, and all of the seed we sell come from small businesses like ourselves, not the agribusiness giants.

These are the seed companies we currently love working with:


· Bulk Seed: ·

Wyatt-Quarles Seed Company

[] A family-run operation in Garner, NC that supplies us with most of our bulk garden seed; asparagus crowns; cover crop seed; fescue, Bermuda, centipede, and zoysia grass seed; birdseed; organic fertilizers & pesticides and so many other gardening supplies.

Dillon Seed & Supply Company

[] Based in Dillon, SC Dillion Seed & Supply Company supplies us with hard-to-find bulk vegetable seed, onion sets, garlic, Irish seed potatoes, bulk wildflower mixes, and more.


· Consumer Seed Packets: ·

Crosman Seed

[] We have been offering Crosman Seeds for close to 100 years, nearly as long as Renfrow’s has been in business. They have a wide array of tried-and-true backyard garden varieties.

High Mowing Organic Seeds

[] The first organic seed company to become certified as Non-GMO Verified. HM grows a wide array of unique heirloom and open-pollinated varieties of seeds loved by both home gardeners and organic farmers.

Baker Creek Seeds

[] A small seed company that focuses entirely on rescuing, preserving, and promoting heirloom varieties of fruits and vegetables that they procure from all around the world!

Sow True Seeds

[] Based in Asheville, NC, Sow True Seeds focuses on supplying open-pollinated and heirloom varieties, many being certified organic, to the home gardener.

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